Controller free technology: exploring the potential for learning

Last week saw the launch of Microsoft’s Kinect: an innovative “controller free” device for the Xbox 360. This new control system is targeted at opening up the world of digital gaming to a new audience, but I propose it also has potential as a powerful tool for learning. Join the discussion 22nd – 26th November.

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3 thoughts on “Controller free technology: exploring the potential for learning”

  1. Thanks, Emma – the seminar looks like it’s going to be really interesting – hope some MSc-ers from beyond the Digital Futures course will be able to participate! Are programme tutors invited as well?

  2. I really enjoyed your position paper, Emma. I also believe in the learning potential of systems such as Kinect especially in terms of learning skills and transferring them to the real-world.
    As you pointed out, the large scale adoption of these systems is key because it is only if they’re widely adopted that effective learning software or curriculum will be developed based on them.

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