What is “My” Space? – Call for help!

The IT Futures conference, University of Edinburgh will take place on December 14th 2010. Both Hamish and I work on the committee organising this event. The theme this year is “What is ‘My’ Space? – where is the working space in our more flexible working world?”.

The conference will look at both the staff and student perspective of what the working (learning) space is, and is becoming. Where does technology fit in, and how do we work and study in this increasingly mobile world?

Programmme for the day is available at – http://www.itfutures.ed.ac.uk/Conference10.shtml

We would like to get as many folks involved in the conference as possible and as part of this we would like you all students to:
email John Lee (John.Lee@ed.ac.uk)
with the subject line itf10.students
by the 7th December 2010
* an image of “How would you depict your workspace?”
* text of 160 chars to describe “What’s important about your workspace?”

We would also like any staff of the University of Edinburgh (and I know some people are both!) to also submit their work but use the subject line: itf10.staff so John can filter.

We will then show an anonymous slide show of what is submitted as part of the conference to stimulate discussion. We would welcome all submissions.

4 thoughts on “What is “My” Space? – Call for help!”

  1. This sounds really interesting, I’m really intrigued by the best way to combine effective use of space and technology?
    Will the outputs of this conference be shared anywhere afterwards.

  2. If you want to follow the conference tomorrow (Tuesday 14th December) then the twitter hashtag is #itf10. I will tweet as much as I can!

    Thanks to all those who submitted their work to be involved.

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