Getting practical

I’m all excited… this week I’ve launched my first project at work directly influenced by this MSc – I’ve set up discussion boards to engage a learner group (people who are aspiring to be team leaders in our call centre) and to encourage them to keep on learning outside the classroom environment. So far they seem to be up for it, although time will tell of course. The current group will be about 40 people when it’s fully got going. The next challenge will be to extend it to another 140 existing leaders as they go through a leadership development course over the next 12 months.

5 thoughts on “Getting practical”

  1. Great when you can merge ideas… Hoping to do so too as I am about to go into a meeting with colleagues to find out their views on e-learning and assessment, and see if I can bring it in line, in a practical sense, with the new OA course I am doing….

  2. Livia, it’s good to know that you have been able to put what you’re learning into practice. Great news!


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