Interruption to WebCT & other services

Further to the message that Sian sent earlier, there has been some re-thinking by Information Services.  The Good News is that we won’t (hopefully) lose two weekends.  Here is what Vice Principal Jeff Haywood has recently announced :

“The full list of services affected by the weekend outages can be found on the future alerts page for Information Services, off the homepage at :

I can summarise these as:
– WebCT (we expect to have service unless we cannot effect the migration)
– e-journals (we expect to have access via EASE, else direct authentication to the publishers’ sites if we cannot effect the migration)
<< some more details elided here >>
– MyEd will not be operational but a web page with links to operational systems will be present including links to SMSmail, Staffmail and Exchange mail and diary, EUCLID

We will ensure that an update page is easily found on the IS homepage by the end of this week, and links to how-to-workaround instructions where necessary.  In particular, this will enable you to see whether we have been successful in migrating WebCT and e-journal access in the days before the outage.”

The Bad News is that we will have to lose WebCT while they move the physical location of the servers, to avoid the consequences of the weekend interruptions.  So it seems that we will not have WebCT access for much of tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd) 8am – 4pm GMT, and predictions of the same period of loss on Tuesday 22nd February.  Not good, but we consider this a better result than we were previously anticipating.

Author: Hamish Macleod

Senior Lecturer in the School of Education of the University of Edinburgh. C-Director of the MSc Programme in eLearning.