Happy Norooz


Norooz (نوروز) marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the Iranian year. It is celebrated on the day of the astronomical vernal equinox (the start of spring in the northern hemisphere), which usually occurs either on March 20 on March 21. Norooz celebrated in many countries and regions such as Iran, Northern Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Albania, Georgia, the countries of Central Asia such as Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. it is also celebrated among various other Iranian and Turkic people in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, India, Northwestern China, the Caucasus, the Crimea, and the Balkans.

Haft Sîn (Persian: هفت سین) or the seven ‘S’s is a major traditional table setting of Norooz, the traditional Iranian spring celebration.Today The haft sin table includes seven specific items starting with the letter ‘S’ or Sīn (س) in the Persian alphabet. The items symbolically correspond to seven creations and holy immortals called Amesha Sepanta protecting them. The seven elements of Life, namely Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Plants, Animals, and Human, are represented.

5 thoughts on “Happy Norooz”

  1. Happy Norooz to you, your family and the people of Iran. Blessings to each and everyone.

    P.S I visited Iran a few years ago (2008) and can’t forget the amazing people we met.

  2. Hi Shiva, best wishes for Norooz. Hope you enjoy the celebrations. I liked the photo – I visited Esfahan some years ago and remember well its many beautiful buildings.

  3. Thanks, that is very kind of you.
    Glad you had enjoyed your visit, Suzanne and James.
    I will happy see all of you in Iran soon. I hope this year to be the beginning of peace, freedom, and justice for IRAN and the world.

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