End of term: Social Gathering in Edinburgh?

Por fin acab’o!!!

I think that all of us finish this term course on sunday (at least the IDEL11 students).
I don’t know how many of you are based in Scotland but I wonder if we could have an end-of-term social gathering in Edinburgh.
It would be nice if our tutors could also attend and we could talk each other face-to-face (Dreyfuss 2003 🙂

I was thinking of a nice caf’e or so around the main campus in George Square. For me, the best days are Thursday or Friday evening, after 6:00 p.m.

Let me know what you thin about the gathering.
I have created a Doodle so that we can decide the most convenient date for all of us:


Mari Cruz Garc’ia.

7 thoughts on “End of term: Social Gathering in Edinburgh?”

  1. hi Mari Cruz, I love the idea of an end of semester gathering, but prefer to join in with MSc events that are online – most of the group wouldn’t be able to be part of a face to face event in Edinburgh, and my “Edinburgh” includes all of you! If anyone is planning something in SL or similar, count me in, though. And of course that isn’t to say you shouldn’t plan a f2f meetup, Mari Cruz – I’m just clarifying my own position on this. 🙂

  2. I am happy with an online or virtual event if that is what suits most of the people, Jen.
    Is it a SL version of Edinburgh when you say “may Edinburgh?
    It would be great to gather here!

  3. Hmm, gotta say, I’d certainly be into meeting up f2f in Edinburgh, if it were in the neighbourhood, and I hope people DO meet up. Not so keen on an online meet-up, what on earth would we do? At least with the tutorial sessions there’s a focus, and in f2f there are physical social cues to observe, but how does one interact at an online party? Are there silly hats or something to compensate for the absence of smiles and facial twitches?

  4. The Second Life events I’ve been at in the past have indeed had silly hats (and pink panther dancing, sparkly lights and – last time – a giant santa train)! Again, I have absolutely no objection to anyone meeting up face to face – but Mari Cruz had mentioned that tutors might wish to attend a face to face gathering, and I didn’t want to just ignore the kind invitation – thought it would be better to explain what my position is on this.

    Mari Cruz, re ‘my Edinburgh’ I just meant that for me, my experience of this programme and of the ‘university of Edinburgh’ includes all those I interact with regularly – wherever they are geographically located. 🙂

  5. I’d be happy to make the short trip from Newcastle to Edinburgh if there’s a decent number of participants including one or two of our tutors at least ! Otherwise, an online Second Life gathering would be fine with me too. 🙂

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