Course enrolment now online

You can now sign up online for your course choices for next semester. To do this, just follow the Course Application Form link on the left in the Hub, or access the enrollment form here. We are no longer doing course enrolment by post!

You can see which courses are available in your Programme Handbook, or here on our web site.

If you want more info about any of the courses, take a look at the descriptors on the web site, check out the Course Handbooks available from the Hub, or contact the course leader.

Please enrol for your choice of course(s) by Friday 12 August – earlier if you want to be absolutely sure of your choice, as some courses will have limited numbers.

9 thoughts on “Course enrolment now online”

  1. Gah! Was I supposed to have done paperwork to sign up for the dissertation?! The link is to a form for part-time students, so…confused…

  2. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the online form – despite me filling everything in I keep getting a submission unsuccessful message?

  3. Hi all – the exam board is this coming Monday (23rd) so it’s as well to wait to formally enrol for the dissertation until after that, when progression is formally approved.

    Your supervisor will be in touch with you about this, if they haven’t already been.

    One thing to bear in mind is that enrolling on the dissertation ‘starts the clock’ on your one year for completion, so if you don’t want to start until later in the year don’t enrol until you’re ready – your supervisor will be able to advise you on this.

    Full time students are automatically enrolled on the dissertation, so Bo, you are fine. Full timers need to complete by the end of August, for the November graduation. Some part-timers are also aiming for this date – if you are looking for an immediate start and haven’t heard from your supervisor by the end of next week, please let Hamish know (

    I hope this helps. Karen – can you try the form in a different browser? We have tested it and it seems to be working OK as far as we can tell. Let me know ( if you can’t get it to work and we’ll sort something else out.

  4. One more thing – our Postgraduate Office will be enrolling you on your chosen courses in July, so don’t worry if you don’t see any evidence of enrollment in MyEd before then.

  5. Hi Sian,

    So previous to our email conversation as I am part time and want to do the dissertiation this coming spring/summer, after hopefully ‘succesfully’ completing the Research methods module in January, when do I enrol? Straight after the RM module?

    In terms of the 1 year I would very much like to have it finished by Sept/Oct 2012!

    Thanks – hopefully this query is useful for others too!

  6. Hi Lyndsey

    Yes, if you’re taking RM in semester one, you would enrol just afterwards, when you’re ready to start your dissertation work in earnest…

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