A post-graduation get together…in glorious analogue!

To coincide with this year’s summer graduation ceremony on Monday 4 July, Sharon and I would like to propose an informal get together of e-learners, in Edinburgh.

This is open to anyone who is able to make it – graduates, continuing students like Sharon and myself, course staff, alumni, lurkers, digital natives (and immigrants), newbies, posthumans, cyborgs, e-hangers-on, virtual groupies – basically anyone involved in the course who would like to meet up…deep intake of breath…face-to-face!

So, if you’re going to be in or around Edinburgh on 4 July and would like to meet the ‘Class of 2011’ and other e-learners, it would be fantastic to see you. Other than meeting soon after the graduation ceremony, we don’t have any firm plans as yet as it will be shaped by the number of folk planning to come along. It’s reasonable to assume however that it will involve drink (alcoholic or non alcoholic), polite conversation and perhaps food.

If you’re interested e-mail me at james.lamb@ed.ac.uk, and Sharon and I will keep you posted on what’s happening. Or even better, suggest what you’d like us to organise!


P.S. If you live in the beautiful south (of England) be sure to scroll down to read about a meet up in London during June.

9 thoughts on “A post-graduation get together…in glorious analogue!”

  1. I should have mentioned that Sharon and I are organising this gathering with Sian’s and Hamish’s approval, although I’ll stop short of referring to it as the ‘official aftershow party’.

  2. James,

    Although I am not graduating this year, I would like to attend.
    I would love if it involved good food 🙂
    I keep the day in my dairy, but I cannot say until the day.

  3. A good response so far…and I haven’t e-mailed the student list yet (thanks to Clara for suggestion).

    I’ve had some useful suggestions by e-mail based upon what has happened in past years, including reserving tables in 56North which sounds perfect to me.

    Further details to follow.

  4. Do we know who is graduating this time? I think Michael Gallagher is and I’m assuming James McLuckie? Would love to meet Michael face-to-face if he’s coming over from USA because we’ve been ‘study buddies’ on a few assignments!

  5. Hello to everyone who knows me – this is, rather tragically, the first time I have logged onto this incarnation of the group space. The joys of being a dissertation hermit for the past year.

    Yes, I am graduating in July, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to come to the piss-up, er, I mean party. Have a few logistical things to sort out … but will definitely try. It’s a great idea, James.

  6. I’m not able to make it to Edinburgh on the actual graduation day of Mon 4th July but I’m coming up for the day on Sun 3rd July to meet some of this year’s graduates (James McLuckie for example!) and colleagues who started the course with me. If anyone is around on Sun 3rd July, we are proposing to meet for coffee and cake at around 4.30 – 5.00 at Peter’s Yard. Let us know if you are coming and we’ll look out for you.

    1. Really looking forward to all the socialising 🙂

      Noreen, I suggest you post the PY thing as a new entry for the Hub. Otherwise the invite might get lost in the chatter.

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