Virtual Graduation, 4th July ’11

Virtual graduation in Second Life will take place: 3pm (BST), Monday 4 July at Venue @Vue:

All are welcome in Second Life! Follow on twitter as well – #edslgrad

The virtual graduation event will be an opportunity to watch the ceremony together live in Second Life, to support all avatar graduands (we expect 5 graduands this year), and to celebrate the graduation with other students and some of the programme team.

If you would like to attend then please do let Fiona Littleton ( know. Please include your avatar name in the email confirmation as well.

Please do prepare in advance. A new release of Second Life may need to be downloaded. Quick time needs to be up to date. And you may want time to choose your graduation outfit as well! Contact Fiona if you need advice on outfits or if you need Lindens!

Detailed information about Virtual Graduation is available online at:

I hope you will join us.


One thought on “Virtual Graduation, 4th July ’11”

  1. Thanks, Fi! I’ll be there virtually. Got my tartan dress and wings picked out and all! 🙂 Somehow I don’t think a dragon is the right way to go for grad 🙂

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