Second call for the MSc in E-Learning Dissertation Festival

Hi All

I’m sending out a second call for folk who might be interested in participating in the Dissertation Festival (the week of Monday 8 August).

I know for my own dissertation that having a chance to present on it and talk through the ideas with others made a real difference – it gave me new perspectives, helped solidify arguments and brought a clearer structure to my argument.  So, if you are interested or considering it but want to know more – get in touch with me

For those who aren’t at the dissertation stage, but eager to check out what others are doing:

  • The Festival will held entirely in Second Life on the week of Monday 8 August. (You can take a quick peek at the building in process at but we won’t have student posters etc up until the Festival start date.)
  • You will be able to pop by Second Life anytime during that week and view posters, presentations and haikus (there’s even a space to leave comments for the authors).
  • We’ll have some synchronous events that week including:
    • Monday 8 August at 4pm (UK time): champagne, poster viewing and a q&a session in Second Life with tutors about the dissertation process (including end of dissertation issues for those about to submit).
    • Presentations from current dissertations students – also in Second Life, using a combination of voice and powerpoints, also located in our fab festival space. (Exact dates and times coming soon!)

Thanks to all who have got in touch with me so far – I’m really excited to see how the Festival  goes!