Summer Reading – Understanding learning …..

First of all, no suggestion that I setting any preparatory reading for the “Understanding learning in the online environment” course, but if anyone was looking for something to occupy them in the run up to the start of the coming semester I offer the following suggestions – light, but relevant.

Gilbert, I. (2010). Why do I need a teacher when I’ve got Google? : the essential guide to the big issues for every 21st century teacher. London ; New York, NY, Routledge.

Pink, D. H. (2009). Drive : the surprising truth about what motivates us. New York, NY, Riverhead Books.

Willingham, D. T. (2009). Why don’t students like school? : a cognitive scientist answers questions about how the mind works and what it means for your classroom. San Francisco, Calif., Jossey-Bass ; Chichester : John Wiley.

Author: Hamish Macleod

Senior Lecturer in the School of Education of the University of Edinburgh. C-Director of the MSc Programme in eLearning.

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