Where in the world …..?

Can I add my welcome to new arrivals on the Programme, and (of course) welcome back to all the rest of you?  And I’ll express my fervent hope that things settle down a bit when the coursework for the semester finally starts.  🙂

I will also take this opportunity to draw your attention to our World Map, which you can access via the link in the left margin of this page.  We would like you all – new arrivals, and any of you continuing who would like to add updates or changes – to add something to the map.  Use it to indicate where you live, study, or any other geographically related information about your work and participation on the programme.

To get access to add to the map, I will have to invite you.  Please email me (H.A.Macleod@ed.ac.uk) and I will send an invitation.


Author: Hamish Macleod

Senior Lecturer in the School of Education of the University of Edinburgh. C-Director of the MSc Programme in eLearning.

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