Political Research Q&A

With the encouragement of the MSc course team, I would like to draw your attention to a Political Research Q&A I have arranged for next Thursday, 22 March at 8pm (UK time).

Mark Diffley is a Research Director for Ipsos MORI and specialises in political research. He has contributed interviews and articles for the BBC, The Guardian and most recently for The Times (his article from last week on Scottish attitudes towards independence is reproduced here). He delivers lectures and after dinner speeches about his work.

Mark has a keen interest in social media, has views on online research methods and is enthusiastic about discussing these topics with members of the MSc in E-Learning community.

I’m currently finalising arrangements for the session, however it’s most likely it will take place in Skype. If you’d like to participate in the session please e-mail me at james.lamb@ed.ac.uk.

Alternatively if you’re interested but unable to attend the session, please feel free to forward questions which I will put to Mark on your behalf. I’ll share the transcript from the session.

Thanks for reading. I hope this session is of interest.