Life on Mars?

An artist's impression of 'Curiosity' Mars Rover
The 'Curiosity' Mars Rover

With the landing of the Mars Science Laboratory eagerly awaited in the next few days, you might like to be aware of a close link that we have with the project.  One of the Programme alumni, Hugh O’Donnell, who teaches at Dunoon Grammar School on the west of Scotland, has been doing some great work, along with his colleagues, to  stimulate cross-curricular engagement of the pupils around ideas relating to the potential of a human colonisation of the Red Planet.

You can find more about the work on Hugh’s blog.  A particular coupe, and confirmation that there are some nice people out there, has been the response of one of the NASA scientists, Dr Ryan Anderson, to overtures from the school.  Dr Anderson has agreed to act as a resource for the Children’s work; and has received some goodies in return.

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Author: Hamish Macleod

Senior Lecturer in the School of Education of the University of Edinburgh. C-Director of the MSc Programme in eLearning.