Moodle Discussion Forum for Dissertation Students

Hi Everyone

We have set up a moodle discussion forum for anyone who is currently working on their dissertation. The idea is that it will be a peer support forum where we can discuss ideas, get general advice, ask for feedback on questionaire design, post links to useful research etc etc. We hope that this will help dissertation students to connect to each other and to feel more part of the MSCel (or should that be MSCde) community.  There will be no supervisors present, so for more technical questions contact your supervisor directly.

If you are currently doing your dissertation and would like to have access to the forum, plese e-mail Jen:

If you’ve not used moodle before – you can set up the options to automatically e-mail you when there is a new post, so you don’t need to keep checking for messages.

The dissertation group here on the hub will continue to run, and is open to anyone who is interested in or preparing for their dissertation.