Those of you on the MSc programme who are interested in MOOCs (and that’s probably most of us!) might want to follow some of the activity that’s happening at the moment on our own MOOC, which launched on Sunday night. We have 40,000 participants on this 5-week course: quite a different style from this MSc programme!

You can see what the MOOC is all about from our Coursera page: https://www.coursera.org/course/edc

And you can get a sense of the activity by taking a look at the hashtag: https://twitter.com/#edcmooc

The course teaching team are also blogging the MOOC, so there will be new posts from us daily at: http://edcmoocteam.wordpress.com/

Students currently on the full MSc course ‘E-learning and Digital Cultures’ course will be working in the MOOC as teaching associates next week, so look out for contributions coming from them – we’ll make sure they are tweeted to #mscel so those who are interested can follow up.