The University of Edinburgh Gifford Lectures – Prof Bruno Latour

We have just gathered that the University of Edinburgh Gifford Lecture series, to be given this year by Prof Bruno Latour, will be streamed live on the web.
This would seem like an excellent opportunity for those participating on the MSc in Digital Education to join directly in something at Edinburgh.  We have thought that there may be two aspects to this.  First of all, there would be the streamed lectures themselves. The lectures will be at the end of the afternoon (5.30 – 6.30pm UK time [Time Zone Calculator]) between 18th & 28th February; specifically Monday, Tuesday and Thursday week beginning Monday 18th February, and Monday, Tuesday & Thursday week beginning Monday 25th February.  They will almost certainly provide us with things to talk about in our various forums and blogs.  In addition, some might like to Tweet live about the lectures.  We suggest that the tag #blgiff be used by anyone wanting to participate.

Author: Hamish Macleod

Senior Lecturer in the School of Education of the University of Edinburgh. C-Director of the MSc Programme in eLearning.

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