Anyone want to run an ‘intro to Second Life’ event in February?

hello all,

Continuing students may remember that in February there is an ‘innovative learning week’ at the University – in previous years we have had alumni seminar events, manifesto projects, and a few other interesting things going on.

This year we are going to hold our ‘dissertation festival’ during ILW (week of 17 February) – more details on that soon. The School of Education has asked if a few programme participants might be interested in organising and running an ‘introduction to virtual worlds’ session for people in the School or wider university who aren’t familiar with e.g. Second Life and would like to know more.

If this seems like something you’d like to be involved in designing and delivering, let me know by 2 December. We need to let the School know what’s happening by the 9 of December (so, a title and a description of the event, as well as a list of organisers).


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