We’ve been asked to circulate this information about Snapshots – an initiative for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) students across the University. There are over 2,400 ODL students, but we thought Digital Education students might be especially interested in supporting this.



Here’s how the organisers have described the project:

We wish to capture a snapshot in time of Online Distance Learning and the people that make up the community – you, the students! This is your chance to introduce yourself while explaining what led you to the path of Online Learning and what it means for you to be an Online Distance student. We’d love for you to get involved and leave a mark on your University.

Instead of just giving you an online form, we would like to hear from you directly. Simply send in your unique ‘Snapshot’ – an audio recording of you speaking, along with an optional photo from where you are studying. Your Snapshot will be shown alongside Snapshots from other ODL students for all to enjoy and share

  • The project is open to students enrolled at any stage of their online study
  • It’s Quick – It can take just a few minutes to create and upload your Snapshot (less than 60 seconds for your audio would be perfect)
  • It’s Simple – You can do it through the website from your computer, phone or tablet
  • Snapshots will be kept anonymous