Looking forward to Academic Year 2016/17

The spring semester has flown by and people are already asking me how to enrol for September.  I hope we can finalise the details of the courses on offer within a couple of weeks and I’ll update the Course Delivery Timetable. After that, you will receive an email from me inviting you to enrol using the Course Enrolment Form; this does not usually open until later in spring/summer.  Both of these links can be found under Resources in the left-hand column.

Those who have now completed the certificate stage (i.e. have got at least 60 credits) might be interested in our new Wider Themes in Digital Education course.  This course will be available from September, though you can actually start it at any time of year as it involves small projects that you can initiate yourself – though these will have to be approved and may depend on finding suitable supervision.  Further details of the Wider Themes course will be available towards the end of April.

Our exam board meets on 24 June and final grades for courses that have run in Year 15/16 will be confirmed after that.

Good luck to all those working on assignments and dissertations. I hope you manage to get a rest at some point too.


2 thoughts on “Looking forward to Academic Year 2016/17”

  1. This sounds like a really interesting unit and relevant to the work I am building for MozFest (Mozilla festival) and the youthZone Libraries “Open source library days” project for UK libraries running from now until Jan 2017 see http://epik.org.uk/libraries.

    How strict is the 60 credit requirement? I only have 40 credits so far as I am part time.

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