The Student-Staff Liaison Committee… have your say!

The Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) was formed around one year ago. Currently comprising six students who are at various stages of the programme, together with four members of staff, we aim to “meet” once every semester (normally via Skype) – our next meeting takes place on 24 May. The SSLC is a great forum to represent the views of the entire MSc in Digital Education student body, discuss both the programme’s strengths and areas for enhancement, and respond to any issues raised by you, the students. Our meetings so far have particularly focused on potential ideas to increase student engagement, ways we might work more with alumni and thoughts around the direction of the Hub… watch this space for further developments on all those!

In September, we will be asking for volunteers to join the Committee as a number of us will be completing the programme this year. Please do think about whether you might like to get involved and don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail should you have any questions about what this entails. In the meantime, you may have already found our section in Moodle… if not, check it out in the general MSc in Digital Education area! There, you will see a list of all members, minutes of our recent meetings and quality assurance / external examiner reports. Most importantly, there is a forum where we’d encourage you to raise any issues with us or simply tell us what you think about the programme! The forum has been really quiet to date, so please do go ahead and post. The SSLC would love to hear from you!

Karen Taylor (

Chair of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee


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