A new academic year

8013-a-wooden-path-in-the-woods-orIt’s time to say hello to our new students, to welcome everyone to their courses, and congratulate those who’ve just finished.

Courses start on 19 September. From 12 September, you’ll have access to your course in the links to the left.  The course handbooks are currently available and there is a new programme handbook too.

I love September, with its new beginnings and sense of potential. We have a new public website which is attracting a lot of interest. We’re going to turn our attention to this Hub and give it a revamp too – we’d love to hear your ideas about this. You can add comments here or even create your own blog post.

We’re welcoming new people from all over the world with a wide range of interests and experience. It’s wonderful to watch our community grow – who knows where this semester will take us all?

Looking forward to a successful and enjoyable semester.