We’re proud of our graduating students!

We have a bumper crop of graduands coming to the Usher Hall on Monday 28 November at 3 pm. We’re looking forward to meeting them in person along with their families.  You can watch the ceremony being live streamed at http://www.ed.ac.uk/news/2016/winter-graduation 

Some of our graduands are unable to make it, and we want to celebrate them too.  Join us on Twitter at #mscde  to add your good wishes.  These include:

Popi Anastasiou

Popi Anastasiou – MSc in Digital Education

Nikki Bourke – MSc in Digital Education

Catherine Coudray – Pg Certificate in Digital Education

Sergio Estridge – MSc in Digital Education

Linda Matthews – MSc in Digital Education

Fiona MacAlister – Pg Certificate in Digital Education

Catherine Coudray
Sergio Estridge
Linda Matthews

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