Remixing the Manifesto for Teaching Online

Next week is the University of Edinburgh’s Innovative Learning Week, 18-22 February 2013, and as part of it we thought we’d try remixing the Manifesto for Teaching Online and sharing the results. If you enjoy playing with words, pictures, videos, screencasts, web pages, and any other digital object that lends itself to mashing up or remixing, why not grab a line or an idea from the manifesto and join in? Use your own words and images, or sample some Creative Commons or public domain sources and some Web 2.0 tools. Check the manifestoto2013 wiki on the 18th for more ideas and inspiration.

Throughout the week you can tweet remixes to #manifestoto and post them to the wiki, and visit Second Life for two drop-in workshops with virtual host Algernon Twang to talk about and experiment with remix ideas:

Beach tent at Holyrood Park, 12:00-14:00 UK time, Tuesday 19 February 2013

Beach tent at Holyrood Park, 12:00-14:00 UK time, Thursday 21 February 2013

Remember, online can be the privileged mode!

Technologies Handbook updated

The Technologies Handbook has been updated on our handbooks page (also linked on the left menu here) to reflect some recent changes to the Second Life account-creation process – if you are getting ready to use Second Life for the first time, the latest version of the handbook should save you some headaches.

WebCT Outage – update

We have had the following update from Information Services about the planned WebCT outages, which should now avoid the weekends mentioned previously (all times are GMT):

Following our message last week about WebCT being unavailable for two weekends in February, Information Services has agreed to try to maintain service availability at these times.  In order to do this the revised plan is now to take WebCT out of service from 8am-1pm on Wednesday 2 February and again from 8am-1pm on Tuesday 22 February…. We are still finalising the details of these changes, and will contact you again immediately if there are any further changes to this plan.