‘Back to Free School: Drawing out the archive’

‘Back to Free School: Drawing out the archive’ public event at Kilqhanity free school in Galloway on Friday 15th April.


Participants in this residential ‘symposium’ will be displaying outcomes from a week long consideration of ‘free’ school methodology. Friday 15th April will be open to the public, with food, drinks and live music. All welcome.



Seminar on remix culture for Digital Futures for Learning.

As part of the Digital Futures for Learning course I am hosting a seminar entitled Reuse, Reorder, Relate: Remixing culture and education, which runs from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th.  Participation is predominantly asynchronous, with a SynchTube discussion on Friday 6pm UK time.  This is an open seminar; so all MSc folks are welcome to participate in all or any of the activities.

Find the website here:

Reuse, Reorder, Relate: Remxing culture and education