MOOC for TESOL + Technology

Hi everyone,

I hope all is going well in the new year / term.

I found this recently, and only just got round to posting it. It’s an online conference about integrating technology with TESOL – all online and free to join.

There are several interesting courses there you might be interested in. Sign up is until 14th Jan.


organise your pdfs

The best system I’ve found for keeping track of all those research papers is

It has a website where you can store all your pfds and organise them, and also a desktop program which can automatically find files you’ve downloaded and import them.

The best feature is the bibliographic export function that exports the information in several different formats (APA etc) so it’s easy to add to your reports.

Calling all Language Teachers


Are you a language teacher using technology in your classes, or wanting to? Come and join the language acquisition and technology group in the Hub. The focus is on second language learning and technology, so please join and talk about your ideas and experiences.

If you are a second language learner/speaker (not necessarily a teacher) then you are also welcome to come and join the discussion with your insights into your learning experience.