AddressingHistory – New site that might be of interest

Yesterday (with work rather than MSc hat on) I was launching, with my colleagues, a new website calledĀ AddressingHistory which combinesĀ historical Scottish Post Office Directories and contemporaneous maps. I think it may be of interest here partly as we hope to crowd-source geo-references and corrections to the OCR’d text of the addresses from the PODs, partly because we’ve been doing lots of neat things with social media to build interest in the project and partly because the site has 3 PODs from Edinburgh in the first instance (from 1784-5, 1865, and 1905-6) which is quite fun to poke around knowing either the physical or virtual versions of the city šŸ˜‰

Anyway, I shall stop there with some handy links: the blog (and links to twitter, facebook, flickr presences and, indeed, our wee information films) is here: and the site itself can be searched, browsed, and (if you login) edited here:


– Nicola.

Request for help with short Research Methods survey!

The excitingly names “Group 1” in the Research Methods module at the moment are looking for participants for our wee survey on digital learning materials:

Anyone in formal or informal learning is eligable so please consider filling it in and/or forward it on to anyone else you think may be interested.

Huge thanks!

– Nicola & all in Group 1