It’s orientation week….

If we could give everyone a bottle of ‘Rookie Orientation Sauce’ we’d do it now!

Welcome to (almost) semester start. Everyone can access their WebCT courses from today, and new students in particular are very, very welcome.

Please let us know if you have any worries or questions about semester start – we need to make sure everyone is on the right courses and that no-one is lost or struggling, so please give one of the programme team a shout if you’re having problems.

Here’s to a happy and successful semester!

Welcome to the MSc in E-learning hub!

This is our new space for social networking across the programme, and for easy access to your courses, course resources and each other. The Facebook Holyrood Park group has been disbanded and — although you’ll still need to use MyEd for access to some University resources, we’re hoping this new hub will work as a quick, easy and connected way to access the MSc programme.

All participants are welcome to post on this page, as well as create personal profiles, groups and discussions, and make friendship links with other members. Visitors to the site who aren’t part of the programme will be able to view the content that is public on the site, and comment on blog posts.

Three cheers for the hub!