Key contacts

Your main people  you are likely to need to contact are:

Programme Secretary: Amanda Gilmour
First contact for administrative questions
+44 (0)131 651 1196

Programme Directors: Dr Michael Gallagher and Dr Jeremy Knox
+44 (0)7895810675

If in doubt about who to talk to, contact the Programme Secretary email address in the first instance, and we do our best to answer your question, or pass you on to the person who can.

Programme Support

Guidance and support during the programme of study is available from a number of different sources.

Course Tutors provide advice on the content, assessment and conduct of individual courses.

Your Personal Tutor should be your first point of contact for matters relating to academic and pastoral support. They are available to advise you about your choice of courses, to support you as you plan your programme of study and to help you to address personal problems affecting your academic work. It is your responsibility to inform your Personal Tutor immediately of any problems that are interfering with your coursework or progress.

Dissertation Supervisors are there to guide and support you through the dissertation process.

The Programme Director is available to answer questions in relation to the programme as a whole, or issues you may have that you prefer not to discuss with your Personal Tutor, course tutor or dissertation supervisor.

Support is also available from various university support services – you will find more about these in the programme handbook.

Technical help and support

The Technologies Handbook aims to give you all the information you need to access the systems and environments in use on the programme, but – should you run into a problem – please use the points of contact given here to get help.  If the problem is a very specific, course-related one, raise it first with your course tutor. If it is a general, broader issue, use the following routes to get the support you need.

University Information Services helpline

If your question relates to one of the University-supported environments or services (email, Moodle, MyEd, the Library), please use the University’s Information Services helpline.

The IS helpline provides full answers to a wide range of enquiries and refers more in-depth or specialist enquiries to other support teams as appropriate. For more information about availability of IS helpline services see:

The IS helpline may be contacted in the following ways:


Phone: +44 (0)131 651 5151

If you are contacting the helpline by email, please do so using your University of Edinburgh email account. This will ensure your enquiry is prioritised. See the section above on Using SMS for more about using your UoE account.

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