Can you help with the RSE Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation Inquiry?

Hi all,

I am part of the current Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Spreading the Benefit of Digital Participation Inquiry – we are looking to understand how those who do not already use the internet might be motivated and supported to go online, but also how those who do use the internet could be reaping the maximum benefit from it.  And I was wondering whether you might be able to help us by sharing your own thoughts and experiences, informed by being an online distance learner and/or educator?

You can find out more about the Inquiry and our questions here:

Our blog (including event schedule, if you fancy coming along in person):

And the form for submitting your response online (we also welcome them by email in any format, by post, etc. if you would prefer):

In terms of timing the Inquiry is still taking evidence for the next month or so (in fact my colleagues are up in the highlands and islands running evidence gathering sessions this week) before beginning the writing up process ready for a launch of our findings in October. 

It would be absolutely brilliant to get your input into the inquiry as people who, I think it’s fair to say, really maximise the benefits of participating in the digital world – but also are uniquely placed to understand the challenges and support needed to motivate and make the most of the internet.

We’d also really appreciate it if you helped us get word out to others who may wish to participate whether by sharing the above links, telling friends, family or colleagues, or by tweeting about the Inquiry (we are @digiscot and the hashtag is #digiscot also)

Huge thanks in advance,