Welcome to Introduction to Social Research Methods

Thanks for signing up to Introduction to Social Research Methods (otherwise known as SOCRMx).  We’re really excited about starting the course on the 2nd of October, and wanted to give you an early welcome.

The edX site will open on the 2nd of October, and that will be the start of week 1. If you are new to the edX platform, we recommend taking a look at the Demo101  course, which will cover all you need to know about the software.

We’ll be encouraging you to blog and use Twitter during the course, so it would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with these social media services before you start. Don’t worry if you are new to blogging, there will be a full introduction and guide in week 1 of the course.

The microblogging service Twitter is a great way to communicate and share resources, and we’re hoping to use it throughout the course for general chat, as well as specific tasks. You can start now with the hashtag #SOCRMx. Feel free to dive in and join the conversation! If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free one here: https://twitter.com/

Writing your own blog during the course is also highly recommended, and we’ll be encouraging you to reflect on course themes and share your work with others. If you don’t have a blog already, you could try the free services WordPress (http://wordpress.com/), Blogger (http://www.blogger.com), or Weebly (https://www.weebly.com/uk). We think your own reflections on the course themes will be a crucial part of SOCRMx, and we will integrate them into course as much as possible.

Opening up some of our scholarly activities to the wider public web is an important part of SOCRMx, and we hope that you’ll join us in signing up to and using these free services. If you are unsure about creating a blog, don’t worry to much about signing up just yet, there will be a full introduction and guide in week 1.

We’ll be in touch again soon with more details about the course content.

Looking forward to seeing you online soon!

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